Passion. Art. Perfection.

Greg Cimms had a hard time finding a profession he loved. He switched jobs often in the hopes that he would eventually find one to express his talents. Greg later found himself in the restaurant industry where he immediately fell in love with cooking and the controlled chaos of the kitchen. This demanding and fast paced environment introduced Greg to the world of specialized knives, and ultimately the respect and passion that knives below upon a chef. He purchased and adored his first custom knife, a Kikuichi, and after some time realized that most knives could be improved to what he believes is perfection.

In 2013, Greg built a forge in his backyard to start hammering hot steel. As he learned that art of metal smithing, he continued to obsess about Damascus patterns and the blades he could create. He continued his side craft while working at the restaurant and could not get the knives out of his head.

Two years later, Greg decided to take his newfound craft to the next level and became a full time blade smith; all this while working at the restaurant on the weekends. In 2017, he received the Journeyman smith certification with the American Bladesmith Society after passing blade performance testing and submitting his knives to several master smiths to judge.

Greg finally found his true calling and a way to give back. His knowledge in the restaurant industry gives him a unique insight on form, fit and function; coupled with his passion for art and perfection, they all become part of the products he creates today.

Greg Cimms Knives offer beautiful and unique tools to help chefs and home cooks enjoy their time in the kitchen or in the field. Owning a GC knife means owning something that is designed from the ground up with your particular taste in mind.