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High Performance Boat and Filet Custom Knives

“I had high expectations and you exceeded all of them.”
Captain Jimmy Nelson from Fishing with Luiza

Greg Cimms Knives for fishing and hunting

Nothing tests your gear like salt water and big fish. As a passionate fisherman I expect my knives to perform at the highest level possible. To do this I choose the best steel for its intended application and heat treat that steel to obtain maximum edge retention and corrosion resistance. After that it’s all about the grind and finish to reach an even greater level of performance. Convex edge geometry provides an extremely durable edge that will filet hundreds of fish without sharpening, while the high polished hand finish will keep it pretty and rust free.  Contact me to choose one of the many handle color configurations and I can also fine tune the amount of flexibility you would like.

Very high corrosion resistance
Amazing edge retention
Rubberized G10 handle so it’s nonslip
Corby rivet construction (screwed and glued)
Pass through lanyard holes

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GC Knives on the April 29, 2021, Fishing with Luiza